This is an important moment in history.



so im shopping for make up for the girlfriend bc valentines day and holy fuck how do you girls afford this shit

$80 for eye shadow???

is it made out of unicorn shit

what is naked 3

why is it called naked

will it make her look naked

why is it $50

that’s 50 cheese burgers

i can’t deal with make up good bye



"Fuck off Shaun I am taking a picture."





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Why Eren Jaeger?

  • Eren Jaeger - Eren [Er-en, E-ren] is Turkish/Celtic in origin. It’s meaning is literally taken from the word Eren, which means Saint. Jaeger [Ya-ger, Je-ger] is German in origin (Jäger.) It means Hunter or Huntsman. Hajime Isayama put these two words together as a means of describing the protagonist Eren. He is aHunter of titans and an extremely virtuous person, one having no equal because of his devotion and willpower to kill all titans, making him a Saint. Eren Jaeger is the Saint who hunts Titans. (x)
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sup amigos i hope you’re all having a fantastic day stay rad


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Cats and Technology!

sassy-spoon This is just for you! Hope it makes your day better


Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days:Suoh Mikoto  (▰˘◡˘▰).
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Is their a height comparison for k project??











Well, there is.  Someone made one.

But A) Not all the characters are included

B) Regarding the sprites they use, Neko’s not standing.

So in conclusion there’s no good one.

Yes, there is. My best friend made several and I only posted a few of them due to tumblr resizing aesthetics. She did the very best she could with the official guidebook scans we had. The ones I posted are here and if Anon or anyone else wants to see the rest of them I’d be happy to hook them up if they would message me instead.

Good or bad’s in the eye of the beholder after all! It was a little something a fan made for fun and shared out of the goodness of their heart - no need for critique.

Right, my bad.

To be honest I’m not sure why there isn’t a Neko either. I have to check the books scans to see if we even had her sprite, since that’s really the only reason she’d have been left out! It’s weird. I should ask my bestie if she’d be willing to make a new one with my scans from the US DVD booklet. Still wouldn’t be everyone, but it’d have different people than the last set - like Neko! ^^;;;

The problem with Neko’s sprite, which there is one, is that it isn’t her standing up.  It’s just this:

image(only version I could find)

But in retrospect I guess the one from Missing Kings could work?


Ah yeah that’s probably why she was missing. I really like the idea with the movie sprite though~ might be fun to update the old one or do a movie-only version… Thank you for the idea! If we make another I’ll definitely mention you, if that’s okay?!? ^^


There is also this up-and-standing sprite from the “Memory of Kings”.

I’m looking at your tags and holy shit.

I’ve never seen this sprite what the fuck.

Yeah, so, just in case - a mf link to the Thing.

UPD: lmao, there is actually a height comparison in the book:


Yo bless your heart.

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"Okay Erwin... I'll go with you"

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you never realize how boring your life is until someone asks what you like to do for fun.